Working time optimization


We offer our clients a comprehensive service aimed at the widely understood optimisation of processes related to planning, managing and settling working time in particular functional areas of the company.

The optimisation service may relate to each stage of broadly defined time management, ranging from proposals to modify the internal labour regulations (optimal systems and working time schedules, and settlement periods, modern and flexible regulations on the schedules), or improvements in the working time planning (scheduling working time), to comprehensive training of the persons responsible for working time.

The service can be extended with dedicated information solutions, supporting the employees’ working time planning and management.

The service is aimed at obtaining:

  • better organisation of working time,
  • long-term savings in the field of working time, while maintaining the current structure and level of employment.

The realised service will also result in reduction of risk associated with unfounded claims of employees and infringement or criminal liability of the company’s management.

The optimization service may bring expected savings also in the case when it refers only the practice of applying the current and unchanged, due to some reasons, intercompany regulations.

In such a case, the emphasis will be mainly put on the conscious management of shift employees (transfer of overtime hours 100% into 50%), which, as a consequence, may result in savings of up to 25% of the costs of additional work.