Employee records


C&C Chakowski & Ciszek offers the service involving a comprehensive audit of personal files of employees.

The said service includes the analysis of the applied practices, model agreements, rules and regulations, and other documents used by Human Resources department in particular locations and functional areas of the company, i.e.

  • work regulations and rules of remuneration,
  • employees’ personal files selected by the Client,
  • applied model contract of mandate and model employment contract,

The offered service is aimed at minimizing the risk associated, among others, with:

  • occurrence of irregularities in the conduct of the persons managing employees,
  • arising of unfounded disputes and claims related to establishing an employment relationship,
  • improper formulation of remuneration components, including bonuses and rewards, and disbursement of funds from the company social benefits fund,
  • the liability of the company’s representatives for improper maintenance of personal files of employees and persons working on a different basis.

The effect of the offered service will include optimization of internal practices and solutions, and the necessary adjustments to documents, models and practices applied by the persons responsible for the broadly defined personnel management.