Working time optimization

Reducing the cost of overtime hours with unchanged number of employees.

Reducing the risk of managers’ liability for non-compliance with regulations on working time.

Relations between the company and trade unions

Consulting in the matters which require cooperation with trade union organisations.

Representing in collective labour law negotiations (collective bargaining agreements, labour law regulations, collective agreements, labour disputes).

Temporary work

Support for employment agencies in relations with the Client (user employer).

Drawing up contracts on recruitment and provision of temporary work.


Employing foreigners and posting employees abroad

Support for companies which post employees within the freedom to provide services.

Cooperating with Polish speaking lawyers abroad.

Administrative procedures legalizing the work of foreigners.

Personal data protection

Policies on personal data security and guidelines on information system management.

Agreement on entrusting the personal data processing (by domestic and foreign entities).

Authorisations to process personal data and its recording.

Employees’ contracts

Employment contracts and civil law employment contracts

Management contracts

Non-competition agreements during employment and after its expiry.